The research for this bibliography was conducted while I was on a development leave from the University of Houston Libraries. I wish to thank the Dean of the University of Houston Libraries, Dana C. Rooks, for her support and encouragement. I also wish to thank Peter Suber, Research Professor of Philosophy at Earlham College (as well as Senior Researcher at the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition and Open Access Project Director at Public Knowledge) for his invaluable assistance in reviewing numerous drafts of the bibliography. Thanks to David Prosser, Director of SPARC Europe, for providing very helpful comments on a nearly final draft; Lee Anne George, Publications Program Officer of the Association of Research Libraries for publishing and expertly editing the print edition of the bibliography; and David Noble for his skillful layout and graphic design of the print edition. Special thanks to my wife, Jane D. Segal, for her patience and support during the lengthy research and writing process.