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Key Open Access Concepts

1 General Works

1.1 Overviews

1.2 Analysis and Critiques

1.3 Debates and Dialogs

1.3.1 Nature Web Debate on Future E-Access to the Primary Literature

1.3.2 Nature Web Focus on Access to the Literature: The Debate Continues

1.3.3 Other

1.4 Research Studies

1.5 Other

2 Open Access Statements

2.1 Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities

2.2 Bethesda Statement on Open Access

2.3 Budapest Open Access Initiative

2.4 NEAR

2.5 OECD Final Communique

2.6 Tempe Principles

2.7 Washington DC Principles for Free Access to Science

2.8 Wellcome Trust Position Statement and Research Reports

2.9 World Summit on the Information Society Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action

2.10 Other

3 Copyright Arrangements for Self-Archiving and Use

3.1 General Works

3.2 Copyright Ownership and Rights

3.3 Creative Commons

3.4 Permissions Crisis

3.5 Research Studies

4 Open Access Journals

4.1 General Works

4.2 Economic Issues

4.2.1 General Works

4.2.2 BMJ Rapid Responses about "Author Pays" May Be the New Science Publishing Model

4.3 Open Access Journal Change Agents

4.3.1 SPARC

4.4 Open Access Journal Publishers and Distributors

4.4.1 BioMed Central

4.4.2 Public Library of Science

4.4.3 PubMed Central General Works Science Magazine dEbate on "Building a GenBank of the Published Literature" Science Magazine dEbate on "Is a Government Archive the Best Option?" Science Magazine dEbate on "Just a Minute, Please" Other

4.5 Specific Open Access Journals

4.5.1 Journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals

4.5.2 Pioneering Free E-Journals Not in the DOAJ

4.5.3 Other

4.6 Research Studies

5 E-Prints

5.1 General Works

5.2 History

5.3 Research Studies

6 Disciplinary Archives

6.1 General Works

6.2 Specific Archives and Projects

6.2.1 arXiv

6.2.2 NASA Astrophysics Data System

6.2.3 RePEc

6.2.4 Other

7 Institutional Archives and Repositories

7.1 General Works

7.2 E-Print Archives

7.2.1 General Works

7.2.2 Specific Archives and Projects ePrints-UK SHERPA Other

7.3 Repositories with Diverse Materials

7.3.1 General Works

7.3.2 Specific Repositories and Projects DAEDALUS DSpace eScholarship Fedora OSU Knowledge Bank Other

7.4 Electronic Theses and Dissertations

8 Open Archives Initiative and OAI-PMH

8.1 General Works

8.2 Specific Data or Service Providers and Projects


8.2.2 Arc

8.2.3 Kepler

8.2.4 OAIster

8.2.5 OpCit

8.2.6 Open Archives Forum

8.2.7 Open Archives Initiative Metadata Harvesting Project

8.2.8 Other

8.3 Research Studies

9 Conventional Publisher Perspectives

10 Government Inquires and Legislation

10.1 European Commission Study

10.2 Sabo Bill

10.3 U.K. House of Commons Science and Technology Committee Inquiry

10.4 U.S. House Appropriations Committee Recommendations

10.5 Other

11 Open Access Arrangements for Developing Countries

11.1 General Works

11.2 Free or Reduced Cost Access

11.2.1 AGORA

11.2.2 HINARI

11.2.3 Other

11.3 SciELO

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