About the Author

From 2004 to 2007, Charles W. Bailey, Jr. was the Assistant Dean for Digital Library Planning and Development at the University of Houston Libraries. From 1987 to 2003, he served as Assistant Dean for Systems at the University of Houston Libraries. Previously, he served as the head of the systems department at an academic medical library, a systems librarian at a research library, a technical writer at a bibliographic utility, and a media librarian at an academic media center. He holds master's degrees in information and library science and instructional media and technology.

In 1989, Bailey established PACS-L, a mailing list about public-access computers in libraries, and The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, one of the first freely available scholarly electronic journals published on the Internet. He served as PACS-L Moderator until November 1991 and as Editor-in-Chief of The Public-Access Computer Systems Review until the end of 1996.

In 1990, Bailey and Dana Rooks established Public-Access Computer Systems News, an electronic newsletter, and he co-edited this publication until 1992.

In 1992, he founded the PACS-P mailing list for announcing the publication of selected e-serials, and he has moderated this list since then.

In recognition of his early electronic publishing efforts, Bailey was given a Network Citizen Award by the Apple Library in 1992 and the first LITA/Library Hi Tech Award for Outstanding Achievement in Communicating to Educate Practitioners Within the Library Field in Library and Information Technology in 1993.

In 1996, he established the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography (SEPB), a free electronic book that has been updated over 65 times.

In 1997, he added Scholarly Electronic Publishing Resources, a directory of Websites relevant to scholarly electronic publishing, to SEPB.

In 2001, he added the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog, which announces new publications of interest between SEPB versions, to the bibliography.

In 2001, he was selected as an team member of Current Cites, and he has subsequently been a frequent contributor of reviews to this monthly e-serial.

Bailey was profiled in the Movers & Shakers 2003: The People Who Are Shaping the Future of Libraries supplement to the March 15, 2003 issue of Library Journal.

In 2005, Bailey published the Open Access Bibliography: Liberating Scholarly Literature with E-Prints and Open Access Journals, a printed book that was made freely available in electronic form on the Internet, and the "Open Access Webliography" (with Ho).

In 2005, he established DigitalKoans, a Weblog that provides commentary on scholarly electronic publishing and digital culture issues. It includes the weekly "Flashback" posting, which provides links to news items of interest from numerous Weblogs and other news sources.

For more details, see "A Look Back at Seventeen Years as an Internet Digital Publisher."

Bailey has written numerous papers about open access, scholarly electronic publishing, and other topics. See http://www.digital-scholarship.org/ for a more complete description of his publications.