Weblog Archive (December 2004)

December 6, 2004

Next Weblog update on 1/3/05. Happy holidays.

Current Cites 15, no. 11 (2004): Annotated references about information technology literature written by a team of librarians.

The Electronic Library 22, no. 5 (2004): Includes "Digital Libraries, Digital Containers, 'Library Patrons,' and Visions for the Future"; "E-Journals: The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Library Experience"; "Weblogs—Are You Serious?"; and other articles.

The Journal of Academic Librarianship 30, no. 6 (2004): Includes "Networked Resources, Assessment and Collection Development" and other articles.

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 55, no. 14 (2004): Includes "Characteristics of Scientific Web Publications: Preliminary Data Gathering and Analysis," "Formally Citing the Web," and other articles.

Library Hi Tech 22, no. 4 (2004): Includes "Digital Content Management: The Search for a Content Management System," "How to Organise the Digital Library: Reengineering and Change Management in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek+Munich," and other articles.

OCLC Systems & Services 20, no. 4 (2004): Includes "Building a Cyberinfrastructure for the Humanities," "Crashing the Party: Catalogers as Digital Librarians," "Defining Digital Libraries," "The Electronic Library: Responses from the State University of New York (SUNY)," "How Not to Run a Digital Library Project," "An Overview of Digital Library Repository Development at the University of Virginia Library," and other articles.

Serials: The Journal for the Serials Community 17, no. 3 (2004): Includes "Establishing Digital Collections in a Scientific Research Library Network: Part One of a Case Study from CSIC, Madrid, Spain"; "Facilitating Access to E-Resources with Eduserv Athens"; "Open Access: Look Both Ways before Crossing"; "The Politics of E-Access and E-Funding in the Library Environment"; and other articles.

SPARC Open Access Newsletter, no. 80 (2004): News and commentary about the open access movement by Peter Suber.

VINE 34, no. 4 (2004): Includes "COUNTER: Towards Reliable Vendor Usage Statistics," "E-Measures: A Comprehensive Waste of Time?," "E-Measures: Developing Statistical Measures for Electronic Information Services," "Getting the Value from Evaluation: Where to Get the Data and What You Can Do with It," "Strategies for Collecting Networked Statistics: Practical Suggestions," and other articles.

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