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September 20, 2004

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Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 4, no. 12 (2004): Walt Crawford continues his incisive commentary on current issues, new articles worth reading, and other topics. Highly recommended.

D-Lib Magazine 10, no. 9 (2004): Includes "Reengineering a National Resource Discovery Service: MODS Down Under," "Rethinking Scholarly Communication: Building the System That Scholars Deserve," "The 'Rights' in Digital Rights Management," "Search Engine Technology and Digital Libraries: Moving from Theory to Practice," and other articles.

Duncan, Charles et al. Digital Rights Management: Final Report. London, JISC, 2004: "The study addresses many different aspects of DRM, in particular, issues related to sharing teaching and learning resources, publication and digital library management, providing access to research data, and using resources from 3rd party sources."

First Monday 9, no. 9 (2004): Includes "Is Copyright Necessary?," "The Economics of Open Source Hijacking and the Declining Quality of Digital Information Resources: A Case for Copyleft," and other articles.

Flecker, Dale et al. Digital Library Content and Course Management Systems: Issues of Interoperation. Washington, DC: Digital Library Federation, 2004: "With funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, an ad hoc group of digital librarians, course management system developers, and publishers met under the aegis of the Digital Library Federation to discuss the issues related to the use of digital library content in course management systems."

Interlending & Document Supply 32, no. 3 (2004): Includes "Recent Developments at CrossRef," "The Use of a Digital Rights Management System in a Document Supply Service," "Will Electronic Journals Eliminate the Need for ILL?," and other articles.

Journal of Digital Information 5, no. 3 (2004): Includes "Experiences of Educators Using a Portal of Aggregated Metadata," "The Power of Partnering: The Cooperative Creation of Digital Collections," and other articles.

Nature Web Focus: Access to the Literature: The Debate Continues: Includes "The Best Business Model for Scholarly Journals: An Economist's Perspective," "Electronic Publishing Models and the Public Good," "Experiments in Publishing," "Journal Publishing: What Do Authors Want?," "The Orthodoxy of Open Access," "The Pros and Cons of Open Access," "What Do Societies Do with Their Publishing Surpluses?," and other articles.

Online Information Review 28, no. 4 (2004): Includes "Change Implications Related to Electronic Educational Resources," "Combining Article Content and Web Usage for Literature Recommendation in Digital Libraries," "Link-Enabled Cited References," and other articles.

Open Access Now, 13 September 2004: Includes "A One-Stop Shop for Open Access Journals" and other articles.

September 6, 2004

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Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 31, no. 6 (2004): Includes "What You Missed at the DASER Summit" and other articles.

CLIR Issues, no. 41 (2004): Includes "Enabling New Scholarship," "Managing Digital Assets: A Primer for Library and Information Technology Administrators," and other others.

EDUCAUSE Review 39, no. 5 (2004): Includes "Research Libraries' Costs of Doing Business (and Strategies for Avoiding Them)" and other articles.

The Information Commons, SPEC Kit 281. Washington, DC: ARL, 2004: "Many college students want access in one area to all the different tools needed to write a research paper, assignment, thesis, or complete a class project. In response, libraries have started exploring partnerships with others in the campus community to develop services that combine computer access and research assistance. The result is the 'Information Commons.'"

Information Today 21, no. 8 (2004): Includes "Developments in Open Access, Search, and More"; "Interview: Put Up or Shut Up"; and other articles.

Jewell, Timothy D., Ivy Anderson, Adam Chandler, Sharon E. Farb, Kimberly Parker, Angela Riggio, and Nathan D. M. Robertson. Electronic Resource Management: The Report of the DLF Initiative. Washington, DC: Digital Library Federation, 2004: "As libraries have worked to incorporate electronic resources into their collections, services and operations, most have found their existing Integrated Library Systems to lack important functionality to support these new resources. . . . A DLF/NISO pre-standardization workshop in May 2002 led to a steering group for ERMI. They invited librarians, library system vendors, and representatives of related organizations to serve on two separate advisory groups and react to draft documents that now constitute this report and its appendices."

Journal of Digital Information 5, no. 3 (2004): Includes "MatDL: Integrating Digital Libraries into Scientific Practice," "Supporting Community Inquiry with Digital Resources," and other articles.

Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services 28, no. 3 (2004): Includes "The Impact of Digital Information Resources on the Roles of Collection Managers in Research Libraries," "Resource Description in a Heterogeneous System Environment," and other articles.

Library Journal, 15 July 2004: Includes "Metadata's Bitter Harvest," "Open Access Alternatives," and other articles.

Library Management 25, no. 6/7 (2004): Includes "Content in Institutional Repositories: A Collection Management Issue," "Current Situation and Future Development of CALIS," "Disruptive Technologies: What Future Universities and Their Libraries?," and other articles.

Musick, Nathan. Copyright Issues in Digital Media. Washington, DC: Congressional Budget Office, 2004: "This Congressional Budget Office (CBO) paper reviews current copyright law in the United States and considers the unique aspects of digital technology's challenge to that law. It also examines the prospects for a market-based resolution to copyright disputes over digital content and explores the effect of potential revisions to copyright law on economic efficiency and equity."

Program: Electronic Library & Information Systems 38, no. 3 (2004): Includes "Archiving the Web: European Experiences"; "Copyright, Academic Research and Libraries: Balancing the Rights of Stakeholders in the Digital Age"; "Digital Library Research in the US: An Overview with a Knowledge Management Perspective"; "Digitisation of Collections in Indonesian Academic Libraries"; "Managing the E-Library in a Global Environment: Experiences at Monash University, Australia"; and other articles.

SPARC Open Access Newsletter, no. 77 (2004): News and commentary about the open access movement by Peter Suber.

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