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September 28, 2001

Cultivate Interactive (October 2001): Includes articles on "CELIP: Licensing Information for Librarians in Central and Eastern Europe," "The European Library (TEL)—The Gate to Europe's Knowledge," and "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Efforts to Leverage Existing Synergies in Digital Cultural Content Creation Programmes World-Wide."

O'Connell,Terry, and Regina Kennamer. "Resources for News and Research on the Publishing/Information Industry: Sites to Keep You Informed." College & Research Libraries News 62 (September 2001): 813-816; 821.

September 27, 2001

Bremer-Laamanen, Majlis. "The Nordic Digital Newspaper Library." NORDINFO-Nytt, no. 2 (2001): Discusses the Nordic Digital Newspaper Project TIDEN and AURORA, a related Finnish project.

Managing Web Resources for Persistent Access: Useful guidelines from the National Library of Australia.

September 26, 2001

Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 1 (October 2001): Walt Crawford discusses nine copyright articles and other topics.

Current Cites 12 (September 2001): Annotated references for information technology literature written by a team of librarians.

Preservation and Digitization in ARL Libraries. SPEC Kit 262. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, 2001: Results of a June 2000 ARL Preservation Committee survey of ARL member libraries. See the executive summary for an overview of findings.

September 25, 2001

Biehl, Kathy. "Searchable Intellectual Property Databases—Updated." LLRX.com, 17 September 2001: Annotated list of U.S. and foreign copyright, patent, and trademark sites that are searchable.

ICSTI Forum (June 2001): Includes articles on "Born Digital—Live Digital? Maybe" and "Too Many Os."

September 21, 2001

Odlyzko, Andrew. "The Public Library of Science and the Ongoing Revolution in Scholarly Communication." Nature Web Debates, 18 September 2001: Odlyzko critiques the Public Library of Science proposal. Check out other recent articles at the Future E-Access to the Primary Literature site.

Read, Brock. "A University Library Creates a Virtual Walk Through Tin Pan Alley." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 20 September 2001: The Mississippi State University Libraries are digitizing works from the Templeton Sheet Music Collection.

September 20, 2001

Woodward, Hazel, and Louise Edwards. Shaping a Strategy for E-Books: An Issues Paper: Consideration of e-book issues for the JISC/DNER E-Book Working Group.

September 19, 2001

D-Lib Magazine 7 (September 2001): Includes articles on "Linking to the Appropriate Copy: Report of a DOI-Based Prototype," "Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations: Bridging the Gaps for Global Access—Part 1: Mission and Progress," "Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations: Bridging the Gaps for Global Access—Part 2: Services and Research," and "Preserving Scholarly E-Journals."

Shulenburger, David E. "On Scholarly Evaluation and Scholarly Communication: Increasing the Volume of Quality Work." College & Research Libraries News 62 (September 2001): 808-811: The Provost at the University of Kansas examines the role of the faculty evaluation system in the scholarly communication crisis.

September 18, 2001

Free Online Scholarship Newsletter, 14 September 2001: Interesting current news about scholarly electronic publishing.

Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship, no. 31 (2001): Includes "The Coming of Age of E-Prints in the Literature of Physics" and "Glory Days: Managing Scientific Journals in a Liberal Arts College."

September 17, 2001

Building and Sustaining Digital Collections: Models for Libraries and Museums. Washington, DC: Council on Library and Information Resources, 2001: Using a case study approach, looks at the business models of the Art Museum Network, Fathom, HighWire Press, the International Center for Photography and George Eastman House, JSTOR, and Questia Media, Inc.

Paskey, Janice. "Canadian Universities Band Together in a Giant Journal-Licensing Deal." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 14 September 2001: Describes the The National Site Licensing Project's roughly $30 million licensing effort.

September 14, 2001

Cox, Andrew, and Sarah Ormes. "E-Books." Library & Information Briefings, no. 96 (2001): 1-14: E-Book report that is currently available as a sample issue (go to http://litc.sbu.ac.uk/publications/, choose "LIBRARY & INFORMATION BRIEFINGS (LIBS)," and choose the issue).

EDUCAUSE Review 36 (September/October 2001): Includes articles on "Developing Digital Libraries: Four Principles for Higher Education" and "Information Access in the Digital Era: Challenges and a Call for Collaboration."

September 13, 2001

ARL: A Bimonthly Report on Research Library Issues and Actions from ARL, CNI, and SPARC (August 2001): Includes articles on "Metadata Harvesting and the Open Archives Initiative," "The Metadata Harvesting Initiative of the Mellon Foundation," and "Whither Competition?"

Crocker, Richard. "Project Gutenberg Reader Web Site Launch." Planet eBook, 9 September 2001: Interview with Paul Mennega about the Project Gutenberg Reader site, which allows users to more easily read the project's texts via a Web browser.

September 12, 2001

The Australian Federation Full Text Database: New digital resource from the Scholarly Electronic Text and Image Service (SETIS) of the University of Sydney Library.

Foster, Andrea L. "Congress Should Amend Copyright Law to Protect Users' Rights, Legislator Says." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 11 September 2001: Interview with Rep. Rick Boucher.

History & Theory of Psychology Eprint Archive: New e-print archive announced on the September 1998 American Scientist Forum list.

September 11, 2001

Carlson, Scott. "'A Flickering Signifier': Putting a Word Online Changes Its Very Nature, Scholar Says." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 10 September 2001: Interview with UCLA English professor Katherine Hayles.

McCullagh, Declan. "New Copyright Bill Heading to DC." Wired News, 7 September 2001: Proposed law would build copyright protection into PCs and consumer electronics.

Saunders, Pam. Ebooks in Victorian Public Libraries: Findings from the USA: A report to the Library Board of Victoria that surveys U.S. e-book developments.

September 10, 2001

First Monday 6, no. 9 (2001): Includes "Copyright in a Frictionless World: Toward a Rhetoric of Responsibility," "Problems and the Epistemology of Electronic Publishing in the Arab World: The Case of Lebanon," and "What Next for Internet Journals? Implications of the Trend Towards Paid Placement in Search Engines."

Free Online Scholarship Newsletter, 6 September 2001: Interesting current news about scholarly electronic publishing.

Library-Oriented Lists and Electronic Serials Archive: Librarians interested in tracing the development of mailing lists and e-serials in their discipline may find this archive to be helpful.

September 7, 2001

Becker, Snowden. Digital Imaging: Report Number 1. Building a Digital Archive at the Japanese American National Museum. eSpectra: Description of digitization efforts at the Japanese American National Museum.

"The Future of the Electronic Scientific Literature." Nature, 6 August 2001, 1-3: Examination of scientific electronic publishing trends that encourages continued experimentation and a diversity of approaches.

September 6, 2001

Archive: The Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography was first published on October 25, 1996. The archive provides access to the first version of the bibliography and its subsequent updates.

Ginsburg, Jane C. "What to Know Before Reissuing Old Titles as E-Books." Communications of the ACM 44 (September 2001): 25-27: Examines the implications of the Random House v. Rosetta Books decision.

Update on Public Library of Science Initiative: PLoS evaluates its progress and future directions in an e-mail message distributed on liblicense-l.

September 5, 2001

Cave, Damien. "Copywrong?" Salon.com, 31 August 2001: Law school professors, librarians, and others react to the Copyright Office's DMCA report.

Frank, Martin. "No Free Lunch!" Nature Web Debates, 20 August 2001: The Executive Director of the American Physiological Society critiques the Public Library of Science proposal. Check out other recent articles at the Future E-Access to the Primary Literature site.

Watkinson, Anthony. Electronic Solutions to the Problems of Monograph Publishing. London: Resource: The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries, 2001: Examines whether e-publishing can solve the monograph publishing crisis. (Acrobat file available from the Publishers Association.)

September 4, 2001

Attributes of a Trusted Digital Repository: Meeting the Needs of Research Resources: Draft report from RLG and OCLC.

CalState/NetLibrary Press Release: These organizations respond on liblicense-l to the August 14th The Chronicle of Higher Education story.

Foster, Andrea L. "Libraries Criticize Federal Report on Digital-Copyright Law." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 31 August 2001: Librarians are unhappy about the Copyright Office's DMCA report, especially its position on first-sale doctrine issues.

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