Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog Archive
(August 2007)

August 22, 2007

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Ariadne, no. 52 (2007): Includes "Access to Scientific Knowledge for Sustainable Development: Options for Developing Countries," "ARROW and the RQF: Meeting the Needs of the Research Quality Framework Using an Institutional Research Repository," "DRIVER: Seven Items on a European Agenda for Digital Repositories," "EThOSnet: Building a UK e-Theses Community," "IIPC Web Archiving Toolset Performance Testing at the British Library," "Institutional Repositories and Their 'Other' Users: Usability Beyond Authors," "Repository Thrills and Spills," and other articles.

Bailey, Charles W., Jr. "Institutional Repositories: DOA?" DigitalKoans, 21 August 2007.

Beebe, Barton. "An Empirical Study of U.S. Copyright Fair Use Opinions, 1978-2005." SSRN (2007).

Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 33, no. 6 (2007): includes "Standards in Electronic Resource Management" and other articles.

CTWatch Quarterly 3, no. 3 (2007): Includes "Cyberinfrastructure for Knowledge Sharing"; "Incentivizing the Open Access Research Web Publication-Archiving, Data-Archiving and Scientometrics"; "Interoperability for the Discovery, Use, and Re-Use of Units of Scholarly Communication"; "The Law as Cyberinfrastructure"; "Next-Generation Implications of Open Access"; "Reinventing Scholarly Communication for the Electronic Age"; "The Shape of the Scientific Article in the Developing Cyberinfrastructure"; "Trends Favoring Open Access"; "Web 2.0 in Science"; and other articles.

First Monday 12, no. 8 (2007): Includes "Beyond Google: How Do Students Conduct Academic Research?," "Inheritance and Loss? A Brief Survey of Google Books," and other articles.

Harnad, Stevan. "Model University Self-Archiving Policy." Open Access Archivangelism, 7 August 2007.

Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve 17, no. 3 (2007): Includes "Bypassing E-Reserves with Durable Links to Subscribed Content: Efficient Access and How to Enable It," "E-Reserve in Blackboard: Chalk It Up to Collaboration," "The PubMed Central Archive and the Back Issue Scanning Project," and other articles.

Journal of Library Administration 46, no. 2 (2007): Includes "Beyond Coexistence: Finding Synergies Between Print Content and Digital Information"; "The Cooperative Conundrum in the Digital Age"; "The End of Print Journals: (In)Frequently Asked Questions"; "JSTOR: Past, Present, and Future"; "The Library and the Newsstand: Thoughts on the Economics of News Preservation"; and other articles.

Library Journal, 15 August 2007: Includes "Lots of Librarians Can Keep Stuff Safe," "Scan This Book!," and other articles.

Library Review 56, no. 7 (2007): Includes "Less Conversation, More Action: Putting Digital Content Creation at the Heart of Modern Librarianship" and other articles.

Mayr, Philipp, and Anne-Kathrin Walter. "An Exploratory Study of Google Scholar." arXiv (2007).

Music Reference Services Quarterly 9, no. 4 (2005): Includes "Music Across Campus: A Study of Streaming Technology Use in Iowa Academic Libraries" and other articles.

Online Information Review 31, no. 4 (2007): Includes "The Oppenheim Effect in Scholarly Journal Publishing" and other articles.

Prosser, David C. "Public Policy and the Politics of Open Access." E-LIS (2007).

The Serials Librarian 52, no. 1/2 (2007): Includes "The Changing Landscape of Serials: Open Access Journals in the Public Catalog"; "Envisioning the Future of ERM Systems"; "How Did We Ever Manage without the OpenURL?"; "How to Implement an Institutional Repository"; "Mapping License Language for Electronic Resource Management"; "The State of Scholarly Communications: An Environmental Scan of Emerging Issues, Pitfalls, and Possibilities"; "The UC/JSTOR Paper Repository: Progress Thus Far"; "What's a Serial When You're Running on Internet Time?"; and other articles.

Slavic & East European Information Resources 8, no. 1 (2007): Includes "JSTOR's Work in the Russian Federation: A Case Study" and other articles.

August 8, 2007

Next Weblog update on 8/22/07.

Bailey, Charles W., Jr. "Publisher Author Agreements." DigitalKoans, 5 August 2007.

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The Charleston Advisor 9, no. 1 (2007): Includes "E-LiS: The Open Archive for Library and information Science" and other articles.

Fitzgerald, Anne, and Kylie Pappalardo. Building the Infrastructure for Data Access and Reuse in Collaborative Research: An Analysis of the Legal Context. Brisbane: Open Access to Knowledge Law Project and Legal Framework for e-Research Project, 2007.

He@lth Information on the Internet 58, no. 1 (2007): Includes "Alive and Kicking: A Progress Report on Open Access, Institutional Repositories, and Health Information" and other articles.

International Journal of Digital Curation 2, no. 1 (2007): Includes "Attitudes and Aspirations in a Diverse World: The Project StORe Perspective on Scientific Repositories," "The CASPAR Approach to Digital Preservation," "Data Curation Standards and Social Science Occupational Information Resources," "Developing Practical Approaches to Active Preservation," "Digital Archive Policies and Trusted Digital Repositories," "Digital Curation Centre—Phase Two," "'The Naming of Cats': Automated Genre Classification," "User Priorities for Data: Results from SUPER," "The World Is All Grown Digital. . . . How Shall a Man Persuade Management What to Do in Such Times?," and other articles.

International Journal on Digital Libraries 6, no. 4 (2007): Includes "The Florida Digital Archive and DAITSS: A Working Preservation Repository Based on Format Migration," "Practical Maintenance of Evolving Metadata for Digital Preservation: Algorithmic Solution and System Support," "Pathways: Augmenting Interoperability across Scholarly Repositories," "Using the Web Infrastructure to Preserve Web Pages," and other articles.

Journal of Scholarly Publishing 38, no. 4 (2007): Includes "The Post-Petroleum Future of Academic Libraries," "University Press Forum: Variations on a Digital Theme (and Other Matters)," and other articles.

Journal of the Medical Library Association 95, no. 3 (2007): Includes "Which Journals Do Primary Care Physicians and Specialists Access from an Online Service?" and other articles.

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portal: Libraries and the Academy 7, no. 2 (2007): Includes "Pointing Users Toward Citation Searching: Using Google Scholar and Web of Science," "Reinventing the Library—How Repositories Are Causing Librarians to Rethink Their Professional Roles," and other articles.

portal: Libraries and the Academy 7, no. 3 (2007): Includes "Kiyo Journals and Scholarly Communication in Japan" and other articles.

Program: Electronic Library and Information Systems 41, no. 3 (2007): Includes "Cataloguing E-Books in UK Higher Education Libraries: Report of a Survey," "E-Books from MyiLibrary at the University of Worcester: A Case Study," "E-Books from ebrary at Staffordshire University: A Case Study," "Managing E-Books at the University of Derby: A Case Study," "The Safari E-Book Route through the ICT Jungle: Experiences at Hillingdon Libraries," and other articles.

Serials: The Journal for the Serials Community 20, no. 2 (2007): Includes "E-Textbooks: Opportunities, Innovations, Distractions and Dilemmas"; "The Feasibility of Developing and Implementing Journal Usage Factors: A Research Project Sponsored by UKSG"; "The Librarian: Fantastic Adventures in the Digital World"; "The Licensing Battlefield: Consortia as New Middlemen between Publishers, Agents and Libraries—A View from the Continent"; "Link Resolvers and the Serials Supply Chain: A Research Project Sponsored by UKSG"; and other articles.

Suber, Peter. SPARC Open Access Newsletter, no. 112 (2007): Includes "Progress toward an OA Mandate at the NIH, One More Time" and other articles.

Vanderfeesten, M. P. J. P. A Portal for Doctoral E-Theses in Europe: Lessons Learned from a Demonstrator Project. Utrecht: SURFfoundation, 2007.