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July 31, 2002

Crow, Raym. The Case for Institutional Repositories: A SPARC Position Paper. Washington, DC: SPARC, 2002: Argues for the establishment of scholarly repositories at academic institutions.

Delio, Michelle. "The Dark Side of Hacking Bill." Wired News, 27 July 2002: Rep. Howard Berman's "Peer-to-Peer Piracy Prevention" bill has been submitted to the House of Representatives.

"Developing an Agenda for Institutional E-Print Archives." Message from Leslie Carr on the SEPTEMBER98-FORUM discusses the TARDIS project.

July 30, 2002

"ARL Supplementary Statistics 2000-01 Published": Association of Research Libraries press release about the availability of ARL Supplementary Statistics 2000-01 says that: "Almost $132 million was reported spent on electronic resources in 2000-01, by 106 universities."

"Results Published from E-Metrics Study": Association of Research Libraries press release about the availability of Measures for Electronic Resources (E-Metrics), a five-part publication.

What's New in Digital Preservation, no. 2 (2002): Digital preservation news from the Digital Preservation Coalition and PADI.

July 29, 2002

EP Topic News, 25 July 2002: Electronic publishing news from El.pub.

ShelfLife, 25 July 2002: A weekly e-newsletter from RLG. Click on "Read Past Issues" to access the current issue.

NISO Z39.7-2002 Draft Standard for Trial Use Information Services and Use: Metrics & Statistics for Libraries and Information Providers—Data Dictionary: The "4.10 Other Materials—Electronic" section will be of particular interest.

July 26, 2002

Carnevale, Dan. "U. of Texas at Austin Plans Online Gateway to Digitized Resources." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 25 July 2002: UT plans a Digital Knowledge Gateway.

Delio, Michelle. "Deep Linking Takes Another Blow." Wired News, 25 July 2002: Munich's Upper Court rules that NewsClub links to Mainpost articles violate the European Union's Database Directive.

LEADERS: Research project at the School of Library, Archive and Information, University College London to link EAD finding aids to TEI transcripts and digitized images.

McCullagh, Declan. "On Trial: Digital Copyright Law." CNET News.com, 25 July 2002: The American Civil Liberties Union will challenge the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in Edelman v. N2H2.

July 25, 2002

Deegan, Marilyn, and Simon Tanner. Digital Futures: Strategies for the Information Age. New York: Neal-Schuman, 2002: In-depth consideration of digital library issues.

McCullagh, Declan. "Could Hollywood Hack Your PC?" CNET News.com, 23 July 2002: A bill by Reps. Howard Berman, and Howard Coble is likely to be introduced this week that would allow copyright holders to attempt to disable computers if there is a "reasonable basis" for believing such computers are engaged in digital piracy efforts.

Mayfield, Kendra. "How to Preserve Digital Art." Wired News, 23 July 2002: Discuses the Archiving the Avant Garde: Documenting and Preserving Variable Media Art project and related projects.

The State of Digital Preservation: An International Perspective, Washington, DC, April 24-25, 2002. Washington, DC: Council on Library and Information Resources, 2002: Conference proceedings include "Digital Preservation—A Many-Layered Thing: Experience at the National Library of Australia," "The Digital Preservation Research Agenda," "Experience of the National Library of the Netherlands," "Good Archives Make Good Scholars: Reflections on Recent Steps Toward the Archiving of Digital Information," "Understanding Digital Preservation: A Report from OCLC," and "Update on the National Digital Infrastructure Initiative."

July 24, 2002

"In the Matter of Digital Entertainment and Rights Management": Testimony by the Electronic Privacy Information Center before the Technology Administration, Department of Commerce, 17 July 2002.

The MIR/MDL Evaluation Project White Paper Collection: Edition # 1: Papers from the Workshop on the Creation of Standardized Test Collections, Tasks, and Metrics for Music Information Retrieval (MIR) and Music Digital Library (MDL) Evaluation, 18 July 2002.

The Open eBook Forum. "eBooks by the Numbers: Open eBook Forum Compiles Industry Growth Stats." Yahoo! Finance, 22 July 2002: Discusses e-book sales, product, and marketing trends.

July 23, 2002

Library Journal netConnect (Summer 2002): Includes "The Challenge of E-Reserves," "Digital Libraries Reach Out to Alumni," and other articles.

Online Information Review 26, no. 3 (2002): Includes "Chemical E-Journals, Chemical E-Preprints" and other articles.

Technology Electronic Reviews 9 (July 2002): Includes review of Digital Imaging: A Practical Handbook and other reviews.

July 22, 2002

"Dublin Core Collection Description WG": E-mail message on EAD@LISTSERV.LOC.GOV from Pete Johnston provides Dublin Core Collection Description Working Group links.

EP Topic News, 18 July 2002: Electronic publishing news from El.pub.

Management: New digital preservation management page on the Preserving Access to Digital Information (PADI) Website provides background information and annotated links about this topic.

ShelfLife, 18 July 2002: A weekly e-newsletter from RLG. Click on "Read Past Issues" to access the current issue.

July 19, 2002

Foster, Andrea L. "House Committee Votes to Ease Copyright Restrictions on Distance Education." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 18 July 2002: The House Judiciary Committee approved S 487, the Technology Harmonization and Education Act.

Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services 26, no. 2 (2002): Includes "Administrative Metadata for Digital Images: A Real World Application of the NISO Draft Standard," "Creating Web-Based Listings of Electronic Journals Without Creating Extra Work," "From Information Gateway to Digital Library Management System: A Case Analysis," and other articles.

McCullagh, Declan. "Tough Talk on Web Radio Copying." CNET News.com, 17 July 2002: The Recording Industry Association of America wants to prevent end-users from saving and distributing music files created from digital radio broadcasts.

Online Archive of California: Quoted from About the OAC: "A core component of the California Digital Library, the Online Archive of California (OAC) is a digital information resource that facilitates and provides access to materials such as manuscripts, photographs, and works of art held in libraries, museums, archives, and other institutions across California."

July 18, 2002

Borland, John. "Tech Execs Help Hollywood Fight Piracy." ZDNet News, 15 July 2002: CEOs from Dell, Intel, Microsoft and other tech companies say they are ready to discuss the issues.

EDUCAUSE Review 37 (July/August 2002): Includes "Copyright's New Sting," "Faculty Attitudes Toward Electronic Resources," and other articles.

Library Hi Tech 20, no. 2 (2002): Includes "Accessibility and Usability of Web-Based Library Databases for Non-Visual Users," "Copyright in The Networked World: New Rules for Images," "Establishing Accessibility for E-Journals: A Suggested Approach," "Evaluating Opportunities for Expanded Information Access: A Study of the Accessibility of Four Online Databases," "Libraries + Aggregator Databases + Screen Readers and Clients with Disabilities," and other articles.

TCPA/Palladium Frequently Asked Questions: Ross Anderson, head of the Computer Security Group at Cambridge and author of Security Engineering—A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems, analyzes the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance and Palladium.

July 17, 2002

"Copyright in the Balance: LJ Talks with Lawrence Lessig." Library Journal, 15 July 2002: Andrew Richard Albanese interviews Stanford University law professor Lawrence Lessig.

D-Lib Magazine 8 (July/August 2002): Includes "Digitizing Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for a Full Color, Publicly Accessible Collection," "Federated Digital Rights Management: A Proposed DRM Solution for Research and Education," "A Framework for Evaluating Digital Library Services," "Interdisciplinarity: The Road Ahead for Education in Digital Libraries," "Learning Lessons Holistically in the Glasgow Digital Library," and other articles.

Manjoo, Farhad. "Can We Trust Microsoft's Palladium?" Salon.com, 11 July 2002: Examines concerns about Microsoft's new security initiative.

Olsen, Stefanie. "Judge: See Ya Later, Gator." CNET News.com, 12 July 2002: Judge Claude Hilton has granted a temporary injunction against Gator that prevents it from putting pop-up ads over 16 publisher Web sites.

Stepp, Laura Sessions. "Point. Click. Think?" Washington Post, 16 July 2002: Why go to the library? It's all on the Internet.

July 16, 2002

Ariadne, no. 32 (2002): Includes "Electronic Theses and Dissertations: A Strategy for the UK," "The Evolution of an Institutional E-Prints Archive at the University of Glasgow," "Web-Archiving: Managing and Archiving Online Documents and Records—Monday 25th March, 2002," and other articles.

Carlson, Scott. "Minnesota Court Rejects Out-of-State Defamation Suit Over Scholars' Online Spat." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 12 July 2002: A libel ruling in Alabama regarding newsgroup messages will not be enforced in Minnesota.

McCullagh, Declan. "Copyright Bill May Severely Limit Rights." ZDNet News, 11 July 11 2002: Reps. Howard Coble and Howard Berman are drafting a bill that could restrict end-user copying rights, but allow Webcasters to make temporary copies for streaming purposes.

Tennant, Roy. "What to Know About Web Services." Library Journal, 15 July 2002: Latest "Digital Libraries" column from Roy Tennant.

July 15, 2002

Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 2 (August 2002): Walt Crawford continues his incisive commentary on the evolving e-book scene, new articles worth reading, and other topics. Highly recommended.

Cultivate Interactive (July 2002): Includes "ARTISTE Image Retrieval System Puts European Galleries in the Picture," "COVAX: Making Visible the Culture of Europe," and "Towards Open Scientific Publishing—The SciX Project."

EP Topic News, 11 July 2002: Electronic publishing news from El.pub.

ShelfLife, 11 July 2002: A weekly e-newsletter from RLG. Click on "Read Past Issues" to access the current issue.

July 12, 2002

First Monday 7, no. 7 (2002): Includes "After the Dot-Bomb: Getting Web Information Retrieval Right This Time" and other articles.

Journal of the Medical Library Association 90 (July 2002): Includes "Reading Factor: A New Bibliometric Criterion for Managing Digital Libraries" and other articles.

Kiernan, Vincent. "Appeals Court Rules Against Researcher Who Claimed Patents on Online-Database Use." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 11 July 2002: A three-judge panel on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled against Allan M. Konrad in a suit brought against him by America Online, Netscape, and Microsoft.

Z39.50—A Primer on the Protocol: Overview of the Z39.50 information retrieval protocol from NISO.

July 11, 2002

Associated Press. "Microsoft Hard at Work on 'Vault.'" Wired News, 25 June 2002: Microsoft's secure computing initiative is called Palladium. It's cryptography capabilities will require special chips and other hardware.

"FCC Interim CIPA Rules Halt Enforcement of Filters." Library Journal, 10 July 2002: FCC order 02-196 suspends library filtering requirements, but continues an Internet safety policy requirement.

HEDS 2002: Developing the Digital Collection: HEDS (Higher Education Digitisation Service) conference presentations on digitization and digital library topics.

Tennant, Roy. "The Engines of Innovation." Library Journal, 15 June 2002: Latest "Digital Libraries" column from Roy Tennant.

July 10, 2002

Bowman, Lisa M. "Linking Threats Under the Radar?" CNET News.com, 3 July 2002: Free speech vs. linking restrictions.

Caher, John. "Web Posting Is Like Print in Libel Case." Law.com, 8 July 2002: The New York Court of Appeals says that the single publication rule holds for Internet documents that may be defamatory.

Carlson, Scott. "Do Libraries Really Need Books?" The Chronicle of Higher Education, 12 July 2002: Examines the growing importance of the Web in student research and a trend to make books more inaccessible in academic libraries (e.g., remote storage). Also, there is a related Colloquy on this topic.

Science & Technology Libraries 20, nos. 2/3 (2001): Includes "Access to Remote Electronic Resources at the University of Arizona," "A Brief History of E-Prints and the Opportunities They Open for Science Librarians," "Creative Applications of a Web-Based E-Resource Registry," "Electronic Reserves in the Science Library: Tips, Techniques, and User Perceptions," "E-Print Servers," "Performance Measures for Electronic Journals: A User-Centered Approach," and "Publishing Mathematics on the Web."

July 9, 2002

Dan Gillmor's eJournal, SiliconValley.com: Gillmor covers the Internet Law Program at Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet & Society: day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, and day 5.

Learned Publishing 15, no. 3 (2002): Includes "Calculating Pricing Models Choices: Rising to the Challenge," "eJournals Delivery Service: An Email to Internet Experiment," "Electronic Journals: User Realities—The Truth About Content Usage Among the STM Community," "Op. Cit.: Publishing in the Humanities and Social Sciences," "The Open Archives Initiative and the OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting: Rapidly Forming a New Tier in the Scholarly Communication Infrastructure," and "Valuing and Protecting Our Intellectual Property: The Lifeblood of Our Business"

Project COUNTER Library Web Survey: Participate in a survey about the first draft of the COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources) Usage Reports.

July 8, 2002

"BioMed Central Launches Open Access Charter": This BioMed Central press release says: "The charter commits BioMed Central to permanently maintaining its open access publishing policy, retrospectively and prospectively, in all eventualities, including any future changes in ownership."

Borland, John. "The Record Labels' New Target—Joe Blow?" ZDNet News, 3 July 2002: Will the music industry file lawsuits against individual file swappers next?

Bowman, Lisa M. "Copyright Fight Comes to an End." CNET News.com, 3 July 2002: EFF and 2600 magazine will not appeal a ruling that stops the magazine from linking to DeCSS code.

Building the Scholars' Commons: Presentation by Mary Case, Director of ARL's Office of Scholarly Communication, at the ACRL Copyright Committee Program, ALA Annual Conference,16 June 2002.

EP Topic News, 4 July 2002: Electronic publishing news from El.pub.

"Ingenta Signs Strategic Partnership with the University of Southhampton to Create Open Archive E-Print Services": Press release says Ingenta will offer commercial version of ePrints. Also of interest, a SEPTEMBER98-FORUM e-mail message from Christopher Gutteridge says that EPrints.org is now part of the GNU Project.

Librarian's eBook Newsletter 2 (June 2002): Includes "Adobe Content Server for eBooks" and other articles.

Litchfield, Malcolm. "..but Presses Must Stress Ideas, Not Markets." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 28 June 2002: Examination of the changing role of university presses in the electronic environment by the director of the Ohio State University Press.

Minow, Mary. "Library Digitization Projects and Copyright." LLRX.com, 28 June 2002: Detailed analysis of legal digitization issues.

ONLINE 26 (July/August 2002): Includes "Electronic Books: Reports of Their Death Have Been Exaggerated" and other articles.

Searcher 10 (July/August 2002): Includes "The Graying of the Library Profession: A Survey of Our Professional Association and Their Responses" and other articles.

ShelfLife, 3 July 2002: A weekly e-newsletter from RLG. Click on "Read Past Issues" to access the current issue.

Young, Jeffrey R. "'Superarchives' Could Hold All Scholarly Output." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 5 July 2002: Discusses university e-archives, such as MIT's DSpace.

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