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July 30, 2001

Springer-Verlag Joins with International Library Community in Creating Electronic Information Archive for Mathematics: Press release about the Electronic Mathematics Archiving Network Initiative (EMANI).

July 27, 2001

portal: Libraries and the Academy 1 (July 2001): Includes articles on: "Acquisitions Allocations: Fairness, Equity and Bundled Pricing"; "Flying First Class or Economy? Classification of Electronic Titles in ARL Libraries"; "Integrating Electronic Resources into the Library Catalog: A Collaborative Approach"; "Reference Linking for Journal Articles: Promise, Progress and Perils"; and "XML, TEI, and Digital Libraries in the Humanities."

July 26, 2001

Blumenstyk, Goldie. "2 Former Professors Look to Technology to Bolster Scholarly Presses' History Offerings." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 25 July 2001: Describes the History E-Book Project.

Toner, Bernadette. "Public Library of Science Prepares to Boycott Journals with Launch of Publishing Effort." GenomeWeb News, 22 July 2001: The boycott of publishers who do not make articles freely available in public archives within six months of publication begins on September 1st.

July 25, 2001

The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances 14, no. 2 (2001): Includes articles on "Cost/Benefit Analysis for Digital Library Projects: The Virginia Historical Inventory Project" and "Electronic Journal Publishing in Mathematics."

July 24, 2001

Carlson, Scott. "JSTOR's Journal-Archiving Service Makes Fans of Librarians and Scholars." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 27 July 2001: JSTOR is popular with librarians and publishers, but Nicholson Baker is worried.

European Organizations Band Together to Launch SPARC Europe: Press release about the establishment of SPARC Europe.

Program 35, no. 3 (2001): Includes articles on "Practical Experiences of Digitisation in the BUILDER Hybrid Library Project: Case Study," "Preserving UK Digital Library Collections," and "A Study of Use of Electronic Information Systems by Higher Education Students in the UK."

July 23, 2001

CLIR Issues (July/August 2001): Includes articles on "From the Closet to the Center: Digital Libraries Enter a New Phase" and "Problems in Building Digital Collections."

Library Hi Tech 19, no. 2 (2001): Includes articles on "E-Books: The University of Texas Experience, Part 1," "Managing Journals: One Library's Experience," and "Reference Linking: Today's Realities, Tomorrow's Promises."

July 20, 2001

Bollag, Burton. "Harvard U. and 3 Publishers Develop Experimental Online Archive." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 20 July 2001: Harvard is working with Blackwell Publishing, John Wiley, and the University of Chicago Press to build an experimental e-journal archive.

Borland, John. "Copy-Protected CDs Quietly Slip into Stores." CNET News.com, 18 July 2001: Think you can rip those CDs you've been buying recently? Think again.

The NESLI Model Licence has been amended (clause 2.2.2) to permit collaborative archiving activities.

Steve Hitchcock is looking for additional evaluators for his very interesting Perspectives in Electronic Publishing (PeP) system. I'd recommend giving it a try.

July 18, 2001

Information Research 6 (July 2001): Includes articles on "Copyright Protection in Israel: A Reality of Being 'Pushed into the Corner'" and "Scholarly Communication, Scholarly Publication and the Status of Emerging Formats."

Librarian's EBook Newsletter 1 (June 2001): Current news about e-books.

July 17, 2001

D-Lib Magazine 7 (July/August 2001): Includes articles on "E-books and Their Future in Academic Libraries: An Overview," "Generalizing the OpenURL Framework beyond References to Scholarly Works: The Bison-Fute Model," "The New Digital Divide: Dissecting Aggregator Exclusivity Deals," and "Penn State Visual Image User Study."

Free Online Scholarship Newsletter, 10 July 2001: Interesting current news about scholarly electronic publishing.

Learned Publishing 14 (July 2001): Includes articles on "Crisis and Transition: The Economics of Scholarly Communication," "Electronic Article and Journal Usage Statistics (EAJUS): Proposal for an Industry-Wide Standard," "The Links in the Information Chain," "A New Publishing Paradigm: STM Articles as Part of the Semantic Web," and "The XML Revolution."

July 13, 2001

Digital Preservation Commons: A collaboration between OCLC and RLG to determine digital preservation best practices. See also the initiative's Preservation Metadata Working Group's report: Preservation Metadata for Digital Objects: A Review of the State of the Art.

Jacso, Peter. "Electronic Shoes for the Cobbler's Children: Treatment of Digital Journals in Library and Information Science Databases." Online 25 (July 2001): 46-52: How good is the coverage of library e-journals in index databases?

Olsen, Florence. "Pioneer in Electronic Scholarly Publishing Leaves Los Alamos, with Archive in Tow." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 13 July 2001: Paul H. Ginsparg has taken a job at Cornell University and he's moving the arXiv.org e-print archive to that university.

July 12, 2001

Case, Mary M. "Public Access to Scientific Information: Are 22,700 Scientists Wrong?" College & Research Libraries News 62 (July/August 2001): 706-709,716: Describes the Public Library of Science initiative.

Kirkpatrick, David D. "Judge Grants Authors a Victory in Fight Over Digital-Book Rights." The New York Times, 12 July 2001, A1, C4: In a ruling about contractual language related to digital rights for books, Judge Sidney H. Stein refused issue an injunction to prevent RosettaBooks from selling electronic versions of eight novels published by Random House.

July 11, 2001

Galbraith, Kate. "6 Publishers Will Give Poor Countries Free or Discounted Electronic Access to Journals." Chronicle of Higher Education, 10 July 2001: Over 1,000 journals will be available to poor countries as a result of this effort by Blackwell, Elsevier Science, Harcourt, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Springer Verlag, and John Wiley.

National Library of Australia Electronic Information Resources Strategies and Action Plan 2001-2002. Canberra, Australia: National Library of Australia, 2001: Looks at electronic information trends and policy decisions, then describes collection development, preservation, access, and resource sharing strategies.

July 9, 2001

COVAX: Contemporary Culture Virtual Archives in XML. A project to increase Internet access to descriptions of documents in archive, library, and museum collections by using SGML/XML standards and tools.

July 6, 2001

Against the Grain 13 (June 2001): Includes articles on "Author Care: The Rights Publishers Offer and What Authors Want," "Digital Archiving: A Work in Progress," "The Real Cost and Price of Ejournals," and "Some Trends in Electronic Publishing." The last article analyzes publication date and LC class distributions of books digitized by netLibrary (over 3% were in Z).

Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard (METS) Official Web Site: METS is "a standard for encoding descriptive, administrative, and structural metadata regarding objects within a digital library, expressed using the XML schema language." Associated mailing list: METS@LOC.GOV.

July 5, 2001

Harnad, Stevan, Les Carr, Tim Brody. "How and Why To Free All Refereed Research From Access- and Impact-Barriers Online, Now." HEP Libraries Webzine, no. 4 (2001). Advocates self-archiving by authors using e-print software from eprints.org. See Harnad's e-prints on interactive publication for further insights.

July 2, 2001

Foster, Andrea L. "House of Representatives Seeks to Close Free Bibliographic Database" Chronicle of Higher Education, 2 July 2001: PubScience funding could be eliminated as a result of a House bill that passed last Wednesday.
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