Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog Archive (April 2011)

April 29, 2011

Code4Lib Journal, no. 13 (2011): Includes "Implementing Time Travel for the Web," "Look What We Got! How Inherited Data Drives Decision-Making: UNC-Chapel Hill's 19th-Century American Sheet Music Collection," and other articles.

Collection Building 30, no. 3 (2011): Includes "Open Access E-book Collection on Central Asia in Selected Digital Archives" and other articles.

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EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 46, no. 2 (2011): Includes "E-Reading: The Transition in Higher Education" and other articles.

The Electronic Library 29, no. 2 (2011): Includes "DRIVER: Building a Sustainable Infrastructure for Global Repositories," "The Use of Metadata and Preservation Methods for Continuous Access to Digital Data," and other articles.

International Journal of Digital Curation 6, no. 1 (2011): Includes "Born Broken: Fonts and Information Loss in Legacy Digital Documents"; "Cost Model for Digital Preservation: Cost of Digital Migration"; "The Human Face of Digital Preservation: Organizational and Staff Challenges, and Initiatives at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France"; "Making Digital Curation a Systematic Institutional Function"; "Open Science in Practice: Researcher Perspectives and Participation"; "Towards a Holistic Approach to Policy Interoperability in Digital Libraries and Digital Repositories"; "What Constitutes Successful Format Conversion? Towards a Formalization of 'Intellectual Content'"; "Where the Semantic Web and Web 2.0 Meet Format Risk Management: P2 Registry"; and other articles.

Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship 16, no. 2 (2011): Includes "An Overview of Open Access in the Fields of Business and Management" and other articles.

Journal of Scholarly Publishing 42, no. 3 (2011): Includes "Does (or Should) the First Amendment Trump Copyright? Review Essay" and other articles.

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Library Philosophy and Practice (2011): Includes "Open Access, Institutional Repositories, and Scholarly Publishing: The Role of Librarians in South Eastern Nigeria" and other articles.

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The Library Quarterly 81, no. 2 (2011): Includes "Economics of Scholarly Publishing: Exploring the Causes of Subscription Price Variations of Scholarly Journals in Business Subject—Specific Areas" and other articles.

The Reference Librarian 52, no. 1/2 (2011): Includes "Are You Ready for E-readers?" and other articles.

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