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Digital Scholarship 2009

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Digital Scholarship 2009 includes four bibliographies: the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography: 2009 Annual Edition, the Institutional Repository Bibliography, the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Bibliography, and the Google Book Search Bibliography.

In The Journal of Academic Librarianship, Craig Gibson said:

These four bibliographies, compiled in one volume, offer invaluable assistance to the researcher on all forms of digital scholarship. While not exhaustive, this volume gives researchers a much-needed representation of the most important citations on all forms of electronic publishing and related issues, from a burgeoning literature, through providing meticulous, complete, and accurate citations-the winnowing that has occurred in reviewing and compiling this Annual update is remarkable. The great advantage for the researcher is that Bailey's web site at provides current updates for citations to this volume as well.

Recommended for library science collections, and for professional collections of those involved in scholarly communication, institutional repositories, electronic publishing, copyright advisory services, metadata services, and related areas for libraries. In addition, this compilation is invaluable for anyone involved in information policy, legal affairs departments of universities, or research administration.



Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Digital Scholarship 2009, (Houston: Digital Scholarship, 2010),

Bailey, Charles W., Jr. Digital Scholarship 2009. Houston: Digital Scholarship, 2010.

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